Sunday Skool

Every Sunday from approximately 2-6pm the MAW will host some form of Sunday Skool.

Sundays 2-4pm
Beginning July 7 and running through September - Davette Baker!

Transformative Leadership - a 12 session series

Racism and Privilege Track:
Privilege/ White Fragility/ Systemic Racism (2 hrs- this training includes a Privilege walk)
Structural Oppression Part 1 (2 hrs)
Structural Oppression Part 2 (2 hrs)
Dominant Narrative  (2hrs)
Path to Power (2hrs)

Racial Justice Track:
History of Mass incarceration In the US -13th screening and discussion
A Survivors guide to prison screening and discussion
The Hate You Give screening with History of Policing discussion
The Hate You Give part 2 - many things we can unpack with the movie
Restorative and Transformative Justice
Cutting an issue, etc - opportunities for action locally - how to deeply work on this
Organizing 101

Where are the opportunities for action after each session. Pick a couple for cutting an issue at a session at the end.

4-6pm Work parties and swaps for Everywhere Gardens project

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