Coming up at the MAW (Mutual Aid Workspace) at SJC!



  • This week's Sunday Skool 6/9 - 1st in Wellness Series: Healing Ourselves and Creating a Bright Future for the World

  • Healthy Brunch each Monday 11-12 - bring a healthy dish to pass, and your best wellness tips to share

  • DreamTime Mondays every Monday 12-2pm

  • Fri. June 21 all day SJC Jubilee!

  • Wed. July 10, 5-7  First ever Madison MAN Coop General Membership Meeting and party!


Sunday Skool:

June 9-30 Madison Area Wellness Collective Presents... Health and Well-being Series

June 9, 2-4pm

Healing Ourselves and Creating a Bright Future for the World

This lively interactive workshop is designed for people who dream and work for peace, justice and a better world to experience how much our intentions, images, and words influence our life, relationships and the world. It will include a variety Buddhist-based unique exercises of self-reflection, dialogue, meditation, and hands-on shiatsu to increase our capacity to heal ourselves and others. No previous knowledge or experience required. Suggested donation of $5-20. Your choice of where it goes - Mutual Aid Workspace and/or Earth Caravan.

 Annie Bachmann is a holistic healer and instructor, novice monk, organic gardener, and Earth Caravan activist. She trained for 5 years in Kyoto, Japan to learn Tao Shiatsu therapy with Buddhist monk Ryokyu Endo. Annie offers healing treatments and classes at the Tao Sangha Healing Center in the Atwood neighborhood.

For more information call or text: 608-257-4663 and visit or

Everywhere Gardens work party


And continuing the Sunday Skool series each Sunday, with:

July 7-September - Davette Baker! with Transformative Leadership - a 12 session series, delving into Racism, Privilege, and Racial Justice. Sponsored by our parent/partner in Mutual Aid, the Dane County TimeBank.
Details on all events are here as they emerge...
plus... The Mutual Aid Workspace now features Healthy Brunch each Monday 11-12 - bring a healthy dish to pass, and your best wellness tips to share
and Dreamtime Mondays. Every Monday 12-2. 
Bring your dream and we'll brainstorm ways to support your achieving it.
"A dream you dream alone is just a dream. A dream you dream together is reality. " -- Yoko Ono

Friday June 21 we'll have the wonderful SJC Jubilee! 10am-10pm at our home The Social Justice Center. Music all day, food carts, and fun. And like historic jubilees where debt was canceled in a celebratory fashion, we're using this Jubilee to raise money to help pay off our recent renovation so we can be ready to invest in really cool forward-looking things, like solar power and rooftop gardens, and supporting projects that make a difference in our community.


Wednesday July 10, 5-7pm we'll host our first ever Madison MAN Coop (the mother organization of the Mutual Aid Workspace) General Membership Meeting, Party, and Board Election! Also at the Social Justice Center, with fun, food, and drink. And we'll elect our leadership! Our current board is the signers of our original Articles of Incorporation - me, Lorrie Hurckes Dwyer, Lisa Nunez, Lora Garrett, Sue Hessel, Rebecca Kemble, and Jon Hain. Many of us will run again and we also want some new folx! Will it be you? Contact me with your questions and interest.


Plus, last but never least - join the Mutual Aid Workspace today, for a fun, sunny co-working and collaboration space. With copier, computer, and small meeting room access, and access to all the Mutual Aid Network tools, software, sharing, and learning opportunities.

Hope to see you!


Take care,


Founder and steward of Mutual Aid Networks - Madison MAN and HUMANs global cooperative network


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