Feb. 20, 2020 4pm CST - Common Funds

Feb. 20 is the first instance of our new Mutual Aid Solidarity Summit - where people get together at their own Mutual Aid Networks locations and simultaneously connect online, with a skillshare structured toward meeting a specific need of the participants.

This one is focused on the Madison MAN Cooperative and HUMANs partner project the Working Group on Indigenous Food Sovereignty in BC Canada, who have both opened Common Funds on the fly recently, and are looking to make them work well, within the values frameworks we want.

Phil and Anneleise from NZ will be with us to share their own experience with Savings Pools. We’ll put together some of our key questions ahead of time, and have a little material to prep with, and welcome help in shaping the format but expect it to have a shape. We’re aiming to start making somewhat replicable ‘curriculum’, or at least facilitation guides, so we can keep refining and sharing our learning.